Garage Door Openers

A garage door is not considered complete unless it has its own opener that can be used to close and open its panels. There are various kinds of garage door openers that depends on the needs you seek and type of garage door you have.

Belt-driven garage door openers provides the most silent functionality movement which also reduce the vibrations on the opener and the garage door panels. But, belt drives needs a huge amount of money for they are expensive when compared to other drives, they are most of the time made up of fiberglass, polyurethane, or rubber that are steel re-inforced.

Chain Drives has chains that moves the trolley which is connected to a metallic bar which is then attached to the garage door. Because of the metal to metal connection, chain drive operation could be somewhat loud and some vibration could arise. Chain drives are considered the most economical, that is the reason why a number of residence employs this specific opener.

Screw Drives or the screw-driven openers on the other hand claims that it requires less maintenance compared to other openers as their design is composed of fewer moving parts. Screw drives provides fairly quiet operation considering that it utilizes plastic-lined tracks that decreases noise and vibrations.